Committee Chairmen

Awards and Achievement
Antoine Taylor

1. Recognize the members of the H-NN Alumni Chapter of KAΨ for their accomplishments and services to the fraternity, profession, and community.
2. Award scholarships to deserving high school young men.


Aaron Giles



Black and White Ball
Gerald Bell



Jimmie Williams, III

Purpose: To support of the Polemarch’s vision for the Chapter to develop and maintain the Chapter bylaws that shall govern the conduct and management of Chapter business throughout the Fraternity year.


Keith E. Anders


Community Service
Robert Ayers



Development & Programs

Darryl Robinson



Robert Ayers



Chuck Boaz

Purpose: Mission: This committee exists to support the Polemarch’s Priorities to create other venues for Brother involvement and “conduct activities which foster greater social interaction between Brothers and fosters a sense of Brotherhood”, as outlined in the Chapter’s Strategic Plan. This objective is consistent with the Grand Chapter Objective “to promote the spiritual, social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members.” Activities submitted for consideration support the quality or health of the chapter through various activities that promote bonding, increased member and spouse participation.



Finance & Budget
Aaron Giles
Purpose: To provide summary information concerning the financial actions for the fiscal year. Committee Chair: Keeper of Exchequer. Oversees the Chapter’s treasury, as well as its financial instruments, budgets, controls and reports. Submits proposed annual budget for board and Chapter approval. Is a member of all fund raising initiatives?

Mission: The mission of the finance committee is to provide consistent application of conduct and proper internal controls to ensure prudent use of the chapter assets, as the duties described in the bylaws are performed. All income and funds dispersed by Hampton-Newport News (VA) Alumni Chapter will comply with the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service codes for a 501(c-3) tax-exempt organization.


Founders’ Day
Chuck Boaz



Guide Right
Arthur Price
Purpose: Plans, coordinates, and executes all programs for Kappa League and the Kappa Cardinals. Also, initiates partnerships with community based organizations (such as local athletic associations, youth educational organizations and other civic group oriented toward the constructive development of young men). Plans and executes the Guide Right Public Program. The expenses of this Committee will be included in the Achievement Foundation Budget as approved and submitted by the Board.


Grand Chapter Meeting 2015
Richard Giles


H-NN Achievement Foundation
Roland White



Calvin Cooper
Mission:Serve as a member of the Public Relations Committee. Collect biographical data for the Chapter and shall transmit such data when requested of him by a sustaining member of the Chapter. Maintain file copies of all KAΨ Journals and evidences of individual or Chapter activities, achievements and appropriate archives. Collect and compile all current materials pertaining to the activities and achievements of the Chapter and its members and shall forward to the KAΨ Journal news items and other items for publishing in such form and at such time as indicated. Prepare and maintain a Chapter history. Publish the Chapter Newsletter (“Phinoopy News”) and serve as the principal liaison between the Chapter, Province Historian and the “Kappa Alpha Psi Journal” Editor.



Shawn Jones
Purpose:Purpose: To assure all brothers enjoy the hospitality given by the members of Hampton/Newport News Alumni Chapter by making visitors feel that they have a home away from home. Responsible for set up and tear down of furnishings for monthly meetings.



Steve Morgan

Mission:This committee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Frat room at the Boys and Girls club, to include ensure furnishings and equipment are available and operational to support monthly meetings. In addition, the committee is responsible for identifying secondary meeting sites when the Boys and Girls Club is not available.


Internal Audit
Gerald Bell

Purpose:Adequate explanation of expenditures is confirmed so that it can be understood by anyone looking through the records.

Mission:A monthly formal examination of the financial books and records of the component association to determine their accuracy and completeness, to detect and recommend correction of errors, and to assure the board and membership that the records are correct.


Kappa Golf Tournament

Ross Snow


Kasino Night
Gerald Bell


Long Range Strategic Plan
Chuck Holden

Mission: Maintain the Chapter’s Strategic Plan and SOP. Coordinate with Committee Chairs to facilitate assessment of Chapter Programs. Orchestrate the planning and conduct of the Chapter’s Annual Retreat.

Purpose: To provide a road map to lead the Hampton-Newport News (H-NN) (VA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (herein after referred to as the Chapter) from where it is now, to where it desires to be in the next five years; identify how the chapter will get there and how it will determine if goals and objectives are achieved.


Membership Development

Clifford McMillan

Mission:This committee is responsible for providing mentorship and other related services to the membership in an effort to foster personal, professional and fraternal growth including spiritual, health, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of the members.

Membership Training Academy (MTA)
Eric Hairston

Purpose: Targets audiences for membership, successfully screens applicants for membership initiation while retaining current members. Handles all aspects of initiation and new members’ orientation. It regularly reviews the organization’s membership strategy in concert with Grand Chapter and Province guidance and directives. The committee will submit all correspondence to the Chapter Keeper of Records for official release on Chapter letterhead.


Members Services

James Swann

Purpose:Coordinate and provide intangible benefits that members receive by joining and supporting the Chapter.


James Swann




Anthony Garner

Purpose:Expand the influence and visibility of our Hampton-Newport News (VA) Alumni Chapter, KAPPA ALPHA PSI Fraternity, Inc. through community service and other activities in the Denbigh, Williamsburg and greater Hampton Roads VA area by supporting community and other organizations health awareness, political awareness, and social programs. The committee will submit all correspondence to the Chapter’s Keeper of Records for official release on Chapter’s letterhead.



Pan-Hellenic Council
Larry Dixon

Purpose:To provide communication and information between the Pan Hellenic Council and the Hampton Newport News Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc.




Augustus L. Owens



PhiNoopy Newsletter

Marese Wright


Irving Crudup & Marese Wright


Political & Social Action
Robert Ayers



Public Relations

Marese wright

Purpose: To monitor and coordinate information that is communicated to the membership and the public as it relates to the Hampton-Newport News Alumni chapter.


Ken Romney

Purpose:Develop/Implement a reclamation program that identifies inactive Brothers, and invites them back into the fold. Maintain a record of those contacted for future reference. Establish critical steps for our reclamation process to include: identifying inactive Brothers, designating specific “Reclamation Event” dates (twice annually), developing a tracking mechanism for those contacted, and close out date once reclaimed.


Risk Management
Rodney Hawkins



Senior Brothers/50 Years Brothers
Tommy Selden

Purpose:To increase the involvement/participation of Senior Kappa/50-Year Brothers through outreach and recognition activities, by planning and executing special programs. These are in coordination with the province Senior Kappa/50-Year Brothers Committee representative, and approval of the Chapter’s Board of Directors.


Silhouette Liaison
Chuck Simmons

Mission:To facilitate communication between the Silhouettes and the Brothers of the Hampton-Newport News Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and to leverage their involvement as the auxiliary organization of the chapter to enhance and support the chapter’s Kappa League and Kappa Cardinal programs.


Souvenir Booklet
Rick Watson


Marese Wright



Triple Play Raffle
Aaron Giles


Undergraduate Advisors
Hampton University – Beta Chi

Gary Hunter

College of William & Mary – Xi Theta

Van Jones


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