Finance Committee

Purpose: To provide summary information concerning the financial actions for the fiscal year. Committee Chair: Keeper of Exchequer. Oversees the Chapter’s
treasury, as well as its financial instruments, budgets, controls and reports. Submits
proposed annual budget for board and Chapter approval. Is a member of all fund raising

Public Relations Committee

Purpose: To facilitate communication within the chapter and improve and enhance the image of the chapter to the public and among our membership.


  • Publish a quarterly (October, January, April and July) Phinoopy News Letter
  • Create a data base of contacts including community leaders, potential sponsors, media, and Pan Hellenic members
  • Submit at least one article to the local newspaper on the Guide Right Program
  • Publish a Hampton Newport News Alumni chapter directory with pictures of each member
  • Develop and maintain a chapter website
  • Submit articles and pictures for inclusion into the Kappa Journal for the October, December, February and April issues
  • Update and revise a chapter brochure which will be used to inform community contacts about our chapter

Membership Orientation and Intake Program (MOIP) Committee

Targets audiences for membership, successfully screens applicants for membership initiation while retaining current members. Handles all aspects of initiation and new members’ orientation. It regularly reviews the organization’s membership strategy in concert with Grand Chapter and Province guidance and directives. The committee will submit all correspondence to the Chapter Keeper of Records for official release on Chapter letterhead.

Member Services and Benefits

Purpose: To ensure all brothers classified as sustaining members enjoy all of the rights and privileges appertaining to such membership.

Committee Functions: Coordinates the tangible and intangible benefits that members receive by joining and supporting the Chapter. Establish (1) that there is a member need for the service, (2) that the service is unique and available to members only, and (3) that funds are available to cover the administrative cost of the service.

Awards and Achievement Program Committee

Purpose: The Awards and Achievement Program is designed as an incentive to members of the Chapter by recognizing Brothers who excel annually in selected fields of human endeavor. Additionally, this program is intended to assist the Chapter in providing role models for our international training for leadership initiative.

The Awards and Achievement Committee shall consist of a chairman appointed by the Chapter Polemarch and members selected by the Chairman. The awards shall be determined by a majority vote of the secret ballots cast by the member of the committee present and voting.

The Committee shall identify all types of awards and achievement to be recognized at the Chapter level. The Committee having established the minimum criteria for recognition and evaluation and approved by the board.

  • Minimum selection criteria:
    • Must have been financial with the Chapter during the fraternity year of selection
    • Must have actively participated in and supportive of Chapter meeting, programs and activities and assigned to at least one Chapter committee throughout the year.
    • Must be nominated by their committee chairman
  • Categories for Awards:
    • Community service
    • Military Service
    • Professional Service
    • Fraternity Service
    • Special category: Citizen of the Year is recommended for anyone outside of the Chapter who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in their involvement in community service and civic affairs.


  • To establish consistency in types of awards given
  • To establish written criteria for selection of nominees
  • To give the Chapter visibility in community by selecting the most applicable time to present awards
  • Coordinate newsworthy items with the Public Relations Committee for publication in local newspapers and the KAY Chronicle
  • To begin work on completing a historical record of the Committee’s activities

Social Actions

Purpose: Provide information concerning the Social Action plan for FY 07-08

Committee Functions: This committee plans and coordinates all programs that serve the public interest. The committee will submit all correspondence to the Chapter Keeper of Records for official release on Chapter letterhead.

Bylaws Committee

Purpose: Responsible for reviewing and maintaining the governing documents for the Chapter and recommending proposed changes when necessary. Submit proposed amendments to the Bylaws to the Chapter Bylaws Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to the date that they are to be considered. The Bylaws Committee will recommend proposed changes receiving a majority vote of the committee members, present and voting, to the Board. The Bylaws Committee has the authority to develop and recommend proposed amendments and to make editorial and clarifying revision to the Chapter Bylaws, provided two-thirds (2/3) of the Board approve said revisions.

Development and Programs Committee

Purpose: Provide information concerning accomplishments for FY 06-07 and the development plan for 2007-2008.

Long Range Planning Committee

Mission: In support of the Polemarch’s vision for the Chapter, develop a comprehensive Strategic plan with objectives and measurements of success that are realistic, substantive, and measurable.

Purpose: To provide an approach (vision and structure) to what the chapter wants to accomplish over the next five years and further ensure everyone is focused on the same set of goals and objectives. The goals and objectives contained in the long range plan will support the vision, goals and objectives of the International Headquarters of Kappa Alpha Psi.

The plan must:

  • Provide guidance and continuity over a five-year period to include the current year objectives.
  • Be reviewed by and receive input from Chapter Program Chairmen
  • Serve as a living document, and will be reviewed by the Long Range Planning Committee and briefed to the BOD twice a year (in Nov & Jul).
  • Be linked to the National Objectives of the Fraternity, and specific Chapter committee/program and leadership functions.
  • The plan will be presented to the Polemarch prior to the Annual Retreat and will become part of the Retreat Agenda. The plan will serve as the basis for the previous year’s assessment, and the upcoming year’s objectives and guidance provided by the Polemarch.

Plan Assessment: The long range planning committee will meet to conduct a mid year and end of year review and assessment of the Strategic plan with a specific focus achievement of the “measurements of success”, basically, “how are we doing” for the current operational year. The assessments will be provided to the BOD and the Polemarch. The end of year assessment will be provided to the BOD and Polemarch in sufficient time to assist in the development of the Polemarch’s vision and objectives for the next operational year.

Undergraduate Advisory Committee

Purpose: Provide information concerning the undergraduate advisory plan.

Committee Functions: This committee exists to execute Guide Right Continuum Program based on the following five objectives:

  • To unite the brothers of the chapter in a bond of fraternity
  • To encourage individual and chapter achievement
  • To promote the growth of all chapter members as leaders
  • To adhere to the policies of the university and the fraternity
  • To inspire community service

Mission Plan: This committee views the undergraduate advisory mission as the Fraternity’s most important Guide Right Program and is the reason why the Fraternity exists. The vision is to elevate the undergraduate chapter from the lowest priority program to the highest priority program. The traditional Guide Right Program was formed in 1921 when there were very few undergraduate chapters and it was a struggle for high school minority male students to get into college. So the program was established and the primary target group was and still is high school students. Since that time the paradigm shifted; the number of undergraduate chapters increased and doors opened up for minorities to attend college. The Guide Right Program did not effectively provide a continuum of support for the high school students once in college and after initiation into the Fraternity, but this is not an insurmountable challenge. It is an easy transition to embrace a Guide Right Continuum that includes a robust brotherly, financial, spiritual, social, occupational and emotional support system for the undergraduate chapter. Guide Right targets secondary education students and concludes when the student graduates from high school. Once in college the Guide Right Program support diminishes and upon initiation into the Fraternity, the support transitions to the advisory committee. Traditionally the undergraduate advisory committee does not provide the same robust support to now Fraternity members as was done before initiation. The Guide Right Continuum Model would provide the same level of alumni chapter support to the undergraduate fraternity members as it does to non-fraternity members on the high school level. The Guide Right Continuum Model is in direct alignment with the five objectives of the Fraternity, more so than our current world class Guide Right Program.

Senior Kappas/50 Year Brothers Recognition Program Committee

Mission: To establish a Senior Kappa/50-Year Brothers Recognition Program
that clearly outlines the policies, procedures and activities for
execution. These policies and procedures, as a minimum, will define
“Senior Kappas”, specify the effective date the program will begin for
the five-, ten-, and fifteen-year awards, and specify the criteria for

Purpose: To increase the involvement/participation of Senior Kappas and 50-
Year Brothers through outreach and recognition activities.
Additionally, to extend the Bond of Fraternity to those area Senior
Kappas who are not currently active in the Chapter for any reason.
Finally, to assure that issues and concerns unique to Senior Kappas in
our chapter are addressed.

“Senior Kappa”
Defined: Active Kappa Brothers who are fully financial with the Chapter for
five or more years consecutively, and is at least sixty years of age.

Awards: Five-year: Framed Certificate
Ten-year: Lapel Pin
Fifteen-year: Plaque

Awards Criteria: A Brother must be a Senior Kappa. He must be currently in
consecutively good financial standing with the Chapter for the number
of years specified. Award criteria will include the date used to
determine when the various five-, ten-, and fifteen-year milestones
have been met (i.e., day, month, etc.).

Implementation Dates: The Program was implemented during Fraternity Year 2004-2005 for
the five-year awards. Ten-and fifteen-year awards will be
implemented during Fraternity Year 2008-2009.

Reduced Dues
Structure: The Grand Chapter Senior Kappa/50-Year Brothers Affairs
Committee encourages reduced dues structure for Senior Kappas
where economically feasible.

Housing Committee

The Committee shall be primarily concerned with matters
pertaining to the acquisition and supervision of operations and maintenance of the Chapter’s fraternity house. The Committee shall recommend a budget for facilities management and maintenance and to perform such other duties as will ensure the proper and efficient operation of the Chapter house. It shall supervise and direct the operation of Chapter facilities. All actions and/or recommendations of this committee shall be subject to review and approval of the Chapter membership.

Silhouette Liaison Committee

The Chairman shall be a Liaison between the
Chapter and the Kappa Silhouettes. He shall coordinate the involvement of the Chapter in activities, initiatives, and projects sponsored by the Kappa Silhouettes, as well as the
involvement of the Kappa Silhouettes in the same for the Chapter.


This committee shall study, investigate and recommend
opportunities and initiatives for the reclamation of non-sustaining members and the
retention of sustaining members. The committee will submit all correspondence to the
Chapter Keeper of Records for official release on Chapter letterhead.



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